“ANOXIDE's” warning strips were designed to warn about the presence of buried infrastructure.

It is a square extruded in widths of 15 and 30 cm coiled in rolls of 100 mts.

The quality controls, weight and identifications, are also fulfilled in ANOXIDE S.R.L.

Normalized colors according to IRAM codes identify its use in GAS, WATER, TELEPHONING, GUTTERS, OPTICAL FIBER, PETROLEUM, etc.

The extrusion is done in adequate machinery for the LDP process (low density polyethylene) and mould that respond to the different designs.


The warning strip is an element that is used as a warning to be located over buried pipes.

For the manufacture of our Warning Strips, registered material in Brands and Patents with own patent, we are provided with low density polyethylene in bags of 25 kilos each, Masterbatch (coloring), according to the Strip to be produced and stainless steel wires (two threads per roll), when these were detectable.

Two qualities are produced:

Detectable, with two stainless steel wires, in order to be detected on the ground, with suitable elements.

Other common strips, without detection.

Likewise, these are presented in two measures: 15 centimeters width and 30 centimeters width, when the belt is adhered to the strip, it is finished with the quality control of weight, measurement and assembly of rolls. Both in rolls of 100 mts each.

The production line is wide, in quality and colors:
  Yellow for Gas
  Blue for Water
  Red for High Tension
  Orange for Gutters
  White for Telephones
  Green for Petroleum, etc.





  Blue for Water     Red for High Tension

Yellow for Gas     Orange for Gutters
  White for Telephones     Green for Petroleum and others


     It is a strip of 1 meter high in rolls of 50 meters long.
     Orange, Green and Blue in Color.

     Highly visible and lasting because it is manufactured
        in Bioriented PP and protected with antirust and UV.