ANOXIDE S.R.L is an Argentinean family business, familiar, founded in April 1985, dedicated to the manufacture, commercialization and selling of polyethylene accessories for gas, water and gutter networks.

It was born under the name of Juan Carlos LANCI and sons, in the inclusion of polyethylene in the gas market. In 1992, Juan Carlos LANCI became ANOXIDE S.R.L.

Since its very beginnings we dealt with the continuous incorporation of new products to the commercialization line and the continuous internal improvement of the firm.

Today, we can firmly assure that ANOXIDE S.R.L. is a trade mark, consolidating its position in the market.

Based on the wide market that this product opened, ALDYL System of Du Pont of Nemours Argentina has chosen us as an authorized distributor of its products into the whole national area.

The innate restlessness of its managers and the improvement as a permanent aim, has lead to the introduction of warning strips replacing bricks and/or joists, making us the first and unique manufacturer of this product under international standards.

Something similar has happened with the steel/polyethylene transition accessory invented by them, Silafe, then replaced by mechanic couplings.


The increasing magnitude of the framework, not only national but also in the neighbor countries, as in the case of Chile, Uruguay, Brazil and Bolivia, take ANOXIDE S.R.L. to a brand expansion in apt and specialized personal as in the assembly line. As a matter of fact, today more than ten business of recognized international prestige are their representants (Agru, Central Plastics, Widos, Polytherm, Uponor, Plastitalia, Frialen, Innoge, Chaowei Pe Pipes, Boddingtoins, etc.) they all positioned us as the most important drain, accessory, tool and safety elements distributor in the country.

Nowadays ANOXIDE S.R.L. is solidly positioned in the internal market, what is more, it is also positioned in the development generated in the neighbor countries mentioned above.

It is also wealth mentioned the economic solidity that is shown today, even after the well known crisis that has beaten the business industry at the beginning of the century.

Its recognized leadership and the proven aptitude of its technical staff allows ANOXIDE S.R.L to capacitate and certificate matriculated fusionists.

Its position consolidated in the market and recognized as a leadership business, ANOXIDE S.R.L initiates its whole reorganization so as to obtain the standard certification ISO 9001:2000, so necessary today in the current conditions of the Argentinean market.

  Own Production  

ANOXIDE S.R.L., after an extensive and studied laboratory process, has begun the production of Warning Strips ANOXIDE trade mark, which has reached such a high level of quality and commercialization that has turned it into the Leader Strip in the market, with a percentage of acceptance in the current market of almost 80%, with a production line that reaches gas, water, gutter, telephones, etc.

Moreover, as an advance in time, it has initiated the production of the Detectable Strip, with two stainless steel wire threads, which can be detectable from the surface with fitting technical elements.

It is worth saying that these products manufactured by ANOXIDE S.R.L. have their own registration number.